Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Belive Vue.  I am Hmong and I am proud of it.  Never mistake me for Chinese or Japanese.  I have 5 family members.  I have three dogs.  I don’t really have any talents.  I play a lot of video games.  i have a huge scrape scar on my right knee from a bike accident.  It wasn’t a car crash or anything major, but what happened did hurt.  My best friends are both related to me.  My goal is to have as good a family as my parents do.  I wish to be as good of parents as they are and maybe better.  I hope to go to college and find a nice job that I will enjoy.  I like that I have matured over the past year or so.  In mature, I mean as in my mind.  The main thing i hate about myself is that I am a very loud person.  As are all my close friends.  The second thing i hate is that i get nosebleeds very easily, from a lifetime of falling on my face.  But,  yeah my life is going good right now!


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